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Future home of AOGames and House Dok productions Play-By-Email homepage

This page is under construction so please bear with us
Our mission here will be to provide a place to role play many games; shadowrun, World of darkness, AD&D, everything, just keep an eye on the schedule when posted.
The mediums we will be using to Role play will be EMail, ICQ, and (when done) A Chat room here on this site.
We plan on being the first play-by ICQ site, If you don't know what ICQ is, and would like to know please go the ICQ Homepage
we will also be offering, only to people who come to this site, a chance to role-play games of our own creation. These games will eventually be on the market, those who role-play with us on this site will, if they so chose, get credit for initial role-play on these games.

If you wish to contact us please:

Members NameEMailICQ PagerMembers NameEMailICQ Pager
Caliburn Nighthawk
Lord Rawl GraveDigger
SongJin Laerphon


We now have an Icq chat room. It is listed as: &AOGames, uin: 6457162. Put it on your contact list and see when its open.

Or check out some of our other websites
Caliburn's Virtual Club DV8 for shadowrun
Rawl's page on magik not on gaming but still a good site

DISCLAIMER: This site is going to contain a lot of copyrighted and trademarked work from other gaming companies. Thes copyrights and trademarks have been used without permission. The use fo these copyrights and trademarks is in no way intended to be a challenge to those copyright claims. We just want ot have fun gaming with people from around the world. If we have offended any of these other companies then we apologize.
SPECIAL DISCLAIMER: All original game material that will be represented on this site are considered the copyrighted (©) and trademarked (tm) material of the author IAW the copyright laws of the united states and international communities, Apocolyptic Oasis Games uses these copyrights with permission from the individual author. Even though he may be a member, he is still the owner (at least 90% owner)
EVEN MORE: Have you designed a game and would like to get it played/playtested here, contact any of the guys listed above a talk to us. Who knows maybe , if everything works out maybe your game will one day see print, like we want ours to.
Infinite FishThis is where the backgrounds came from for these pages.
Apocalyptic Oasis Games & AOGames are © and tm 1997 by Apocalyptic Oasis games, Las Vegas Nevada. IAW US and International copywrite and trademark laws. All Rights Reserved
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