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The Las Vages Campaign

Ok, let us begin.
The campain will be a World of Darkness Cronicle. The setting is meant for starting character's. Preferably from the follow in books Mage the Ascension, Vampire the Masquerade, Wraith the Oblivian or Werewolf the Apocalypse. To help create the reality ,and fluidness, I prefer detailed character historys. This may seem strange for some players, please bear with me. Also, anyone who has trouble with any part of the character generation process contact me. I am willing to help any way possible. Moreover, if you are unable to create your own character I have roughly twenty ready to play. The main goal I will be striving for; freedom of choice, and freedom of movement.
Well, here are the last few things. The time of game play well be set for each person responding. Secondly, I will be running primarily solo campains, with exceptions. This is to preserve the storys of each character. Though, for players wishing group sessions I will post a list of poeple wishing play in more troupe oriented storys.
Now, let me think, um err, no I think that should cover it...
Oh, yea just e-mail any characters'or concepts to me... Rawl. Thank you, and
I hope you enjoy.

Here's a little about me...
I am familar with many of the roll-playing systems. Some personal Fav's:
NOTE*these are not in any order save witch I thought of first.

1. G.U.R.P.S.
2. Paladium (Rifts, to pick one)
3. World of Darkness (If you have seen my home page you can most likely guess witch of the books I like best)
4. Cyberpunk 2020
5. Shadowrun

I try to be open minded on things; and trying them as well. Some people say I have a obession with the dark and gothic. Well, to each there own, I am myself as is everyone. Well, I guess my tendenies do tend to be slightly "dark."...

Well as I'm running out of things to say.

Welcome to my world

Go on leave me.