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The world of rifts most commonly used as a playground for gamers who wish to incorporate multiple pallidium games into one setting .Few realize the actual story line or contents within the rifts world .Most would just rather be able to play their favorite mutant animal using martial arts in a veritech fighter.Although this does provide for entertaining games there is so much more to rifts then a game colliage.Even staying within the united states there are so many factions working against each other.What lies within that is intricate plot detail and enticing story line.
This collumn will include ways and ideas to further your game by creating elements of realism but yet keeping the fantasy alive. The first and most important part of roleplaying is character generation.This process should not be hand your players some books ,and then tell them to come back when ready.The first part of a story is background.So characters should have one too.A few descriptions is fine and dandy if all you want to play is joe the juicer .If you want to play a character that seems as real as the imagination lets then you need intricate detail.Where he went to third grade or his 3rd uncles name isnt needed.What is are all those things that make his persona today.Did he come from an abusive household? Was his father the president of Florence?These important plot driving questions should be awnsered and made during creation. Some GM's may want to dissallow certain types of backgrounds for game flow or playability reasons.Other than that the world is yours for the making.
Things a GM may want to look out for or even encourage in some games.Do any of the other players secretly or openly hate another pc?Is there any confliction of intrests? Dont worry some conflict makes for interesting roleplaying. Too much and you'll have a grand melee with all the characters waging war.Some of the characters background can even be directed/ influenced by you.Say for instance a character wants to play a cs deadboy and the rest of your pc's want to be db's. Never fear game plot device is here.Ask the pc if he wants his character to be undercover following this group of db's.The CS in the meanwhile will mostly leave the character alone.Hoping that these db's will unveil their secret plot to??So even when there is total conflict you can possible make plausible reasons why other then having a band of renegades.

Should I allow this oddball character he might disrupt game balance?First look at what all the other characters are. If there arent alot of combat monsters or maybe they all are combat monsters.What you are looking for is will this character disrupt my game.If he despenses of all your threats with ease then try a different enviroment.You'll find for instance the killer ninja from hell character is mostly useless in a large scale battle where ranges are great or he doesnt help that much when it comes to salvaging gear.Sure he was able to sneak in pass those guards with ease but now how does he know wich computer chip was it,he needs to steal. Also Oddball characters should require even more descript background stories.They should seem reasonable and somewhat original.This will keep repeating character types to a minimium.

Last but just as important make sure the characters somewhat compliment each other.Every one shouldnt be a crazie,etc.. Does one guy have real bad luck roll all shitty attributes and on top of that his character wont help in any situation? If so maybe boost some of his attributes or/and give him that secret whammy device or friend up high.This can make the difference in a bad character and a lot of fun.On one last note you should never pay too much attention to one player this will lead to game boredom.Hence you should turn to bob even though he usually makes bad decissions and ask him what he wants to do.Even before your star character.Dont worry about ignoring him every once in a while they usually shine through regardless.

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