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Game requirements

Well what books and rules am i using for my game you ask well here they are:Books used for character creation are Ngr,England,Rifts main book,TMNT and all source books(for Rifts style mutant as ref conversion book),N&S(w/ approval only worldy ma,:ie no gadgeteers),Mystic China(martial arts only),and any other source book or world book I approve.The following character types are available for play two robot pilots,one powerarmor,one martial artist,two specialty characters(books not mentioned),one gypsy,two mystic types(no ley line walkers) ,Two goverment employee's(not pilots).This is the general guide line for characters.I may accept or deny any character based on game balance , character's survivalbility and aid to the party.Also i do have premade characters with full descriptions for people who dont want to make ones.

The game sets place in germany where a wacky scientist has invented a ley line portal device.From the mouth of a dolphin he gets the idea to put the device in germany and one in japan to open a trade route. Obviously no one told him that japan doesnt have any civilazation only demons.Although he claims the dolphin verified the hi tech state of japan,characters will most likely be in some disbeleif.Although the reward afterwards would be great the upfront pay sucks.If this thing works he would have a monopoly on japanese trade.So do the characters have the gall to venture through the oni hell of asia major and minor to fufill this madmans wishes.Only you can decide.