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Caliburn's Shadowrun House Rules

Ok, here goes:

using the point system and/or edges and flaws:
no more than one apptititude, and no major skills: computer, sorcery, combat, etc(I will consider an aptitude with conjuring)
every one gets the bonus attribute point edge for free ( this means that you get to deduct 5 from you attribute cost, this is by for the most abused edge)
all magical based edges must be approved by me....and thats final

On Cyberware:
No move by wire systems for pc's
no cybermancy
no tactical computers

On Bioware:
No adrenal pump(level 2)
mages do not loose essence but still loose magic
Using Rigger2 rules for Riggers/Vehicles

Ok, I've already gotten some responce on this campaign, possibly 12 plus people interested so this is what needs to happen people:

I need you all to mail me you characters,, just make up a template yourself and send it.
If everyone can get involved then I will be splitting you into 2 teams, one in Seattle, one in Denver.
This mission (these missions, I should say) will be in dire need of at least one rigger on each team. Remember Rigger 2 rules.
Other then that, we will definatly need Razors and spell slingers, just submitt your characters to me, as soon as I have enough for at least one team I'll start.
If you have a preferance for which city you want to start in then, please tell me.
And for the slingers out there, word of warning , the final city on this trek is..... Los Angeles, you might want to read up on it, hehe.

This is it for now, check back again for a possible update.